Alkaline food Chart- List of Alkaline foods

Best Alkaline Food Chart


Here is all the alkaline foods Chart, with impartial and acidic food chart too. You can also download the PDF version under and retailer on your pc for printing. There are several kind alkaline food list floating almost on the internet on so many sites, most of which are preposterous and not easy to read or easily see what are alkaline forming foods and acidic foods chart.




Mildly Acidic

Moderately Acidic

Grasses Basil Cauliflower Chickpeas Natural Juice Alcohol(Beer,Wine)
Kale Beetroot Leeks Watermelon Mayonnaise Beef
Spinach (baby and grown) Green Beans Peas Millet Ketchup Cocoa
Kelp Cabbage Carrot Beans Butter Coffee
data Avocado Pumpkin Seitan Apricot Fruit Juices
Himalayan salt Ginger Zucchini Oats/Oatmeal Apple Tea ( Black)
Parsley Capsicum Brussels Sprouts Black Beans Mango Brown Rice Syrum
Broccoli Garlic Swede Cantaloupe Guava Chocolates
Sprouts Onion Artichokes Cooked Vegetables Grapes Surup
Sea Vegetables Spring Greens Beets Plum Banana Eggs
Green drinks Radish Bee Pollen Sweet Cherry Mangosteen Deli Meats
Chives Squash Spelt Cranberry Pork
Tomato Watercress Soybeans Orange Veal
Celery Rhubarb Acai Berries Peach Shelfish
Lemon Grapefruit Figs(Fresh) Papaya Yeast
Coriander Pomegranate Goji Berries Strawberry Vineger
Artichoke Cumin Seeds Nectarine Blackberry Dried Fruit
Parsnip Lentils Coconut Mylk Pineapple Honey
Soy Beans Buckwheat Flax Sheeds Blueberry Jelly
Arugula/Rocket Avocado Oil Rice & Soy Milk Vegan Cheese Chicken
Limes Chicory Cous Cous Goat’s Cheese Rice Syrup
Butter Beams Coconut Cod liver oil Wheat Fruit Juice (Sweetened)
Turnip Tofu Millet Wild Rice Deep fried foods
Sorrel Lentils Brazil Nuts Rye Bread Farmed Fish
Thyme Flax Oil Pecan Nuts Wholemeal Bread Mushroom
Butter Beans Yams Yogurt data Jams
Quinoa Coconut Oil Grapeseed Oil data Candy
Bee Pollen Olive Oil Sunflower Oil Ocean Fish Miso

Each food item below is assigned a number which reflects its approximate value of alkalinity (+) or acidity (-) in one ounce of food.

The higher the number, the better it is for you to eat.

Referenced from Dr. Robert O. Young, The pH Miracle Book.



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