Can allergies make you tired? treating allergy Fatigue

What is an allergy?
There is a disease prevention system or immune system in the human body. Allergic reactions occur due to irritations in the immune system for some reason. Sometimes our body tries to resist the harmful substances that are not harmful. Allergic reactions to this body are usually not harmful. Allergy is the name of an unbearable problem to many people of our country. Allergic reactions to sneeze from food or medicines can also cause severe reactions. Can allergies make you tired? treating allergy Fatigue. In some cases, allergies can cause little disadvantages and can make life miserable in some others. If you start getting irritating to the normal areas of house dust, floral scent, beef, shrimp, hilsa, cow’s milk, or you have allergies when you get swollen red skin in the skin.Can allergies make you tired?

Why is the allergy?

Although allergy is a very common term, many of us have no idea about this allergy. Breathing difficulties, eczema etc. are the cause of many dermatitis allergies. The following can be allergic to different causes:
1. The accumulation of dust in the house is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions. There are mites in the house dust, which is responsible for the creation of allergy in about sixty percent of cases. For those who suffer from allergic problems, they should always avoid the dust of the house, especially during the time of broom cleaning. The dust that is stored in the room blankets, curtains, pickers, pillows, etc., should be away from cleaning time.
2. Dysfunctional air, house dust, pollen of flowers, smoke, raw colour smell, whitewash, old file dust etc. can cause an allergic reaction in the body causing hapani disorders. Hapani has a strong connection to allergies, so those who are suffering from Hapani will have to leave them. Again, the fungus creates allergic reactions in the body. The fungus is a very simple plant. Some foods are polluted by fungi. Again, some foods such as cheese, bread, and cakes are used in fungi. This fungus is one of the most common causes of allergic rhinitis.
3. Penicillin and aspirin for acne, pancreas, headache, fever, body ache, etc. These two drugs we eat without the prescription of the doctor. Penicillin and aspirin may cause allergic irritations in the body and may even cause death due to excessive penicillin use. So no medicines can be avoided without consulting the doctor.
4. There are plenty of allergies in food such as milk, especially in children, cow’s milk can cause too many allergies. In children, it can be used on cow’s milk to itchiness, swelling etc. Fish, nuts, bananas, apples, grapes, frogs, wheat, eggs, watermelons, onions, garlic, chocolate and even cold drinks can also cause any person’s allergies.
5. After giving a vaccine or vaccine to the child, it is important to consult a doctor quickly if there is a problem of itching or cold.
6. Mosquitoes, beetles, bees, bees, venom, etc. have been found to be bitten by insect bites, swelling of the place and even Hapani. Animal livestock like fats or feathers, such as cats, dogs, and domestic birds can also cause allergies in the body. In addition, articular (hives) is a wheelchair called skeleton, swelling, and itching. Most of the people of life have some time in this disease. This particular body can be restricted to a specific part of the body and it can be spread all over the body. This kind of allergic reaction may be a scar on the wheel of the red wheel of different sizes with severe itching. Different reasons maybe this because it can be due to food allergy (nut, pulse, meat, eggs), insect bites (wasps, bees, venom, spiders) etc.
Necessary examinations
Blood tests (determining whether the blood is high in Eosinophilic)
Limit of serum IG (usually greater in cases of allergy patients).
Skin Protein Test (In this examination the patient is tested with various allergens in the skin and in some cases the patient has allergies in the test).
The chest X-ray (whether asthma is understood in the chest X-ray case of asthma, whether it is breathing difficulties for any other reason).
Spirometry (The diagnosis is found in the patient’s lung condition).
Can allergies make you tired?
Is Seasonal Allergy Tired Of All Time? What can I do about constant fatigue in the allergy season?
When most people think of allergies, they think of the common symptoms of submersible, leaky nose, and convulsive eyes. But fatigue, body pain, and asthma also came out of the allergy. Symptoms can interfere with your sleep, which may cause fatigue, but allergic reactions can also freeze the chemicals that your body fatigue. Can allergies make you tried
The best remedy for fatigue is to get rid of allergies. You can also help with allergies to find out how to control allergies and how to control your environment, and also an antihistamine and/or a lymphatic correction can help. If he is insufficient, he always has an allergy shot.
Another thing to remember is that many antihistamines cause thirst, which can cause them to be tired of your seasonal allergies.


Treating allergy Fatigue
While cleaning the house every day, some dirt books are stored in the cell and the accumulated dirty allergens. After dipping the books after a couple of days, the dust will remain in the cell. To get rid of the dust of the bed, bed sheets, pillow covers, mosquito nets should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. Besides, the floor should be cleaned with water and cleaner around the house. Sunlight or trembling sunlight in the yard or balcony may be dried well because the house dust mite dies in the ultraviolet ray of the sun.
After one week, the doors and windows should be cleaned with a wet cloth. Also, the doors and windows of the screen should be thoroughly washed in a while. The bathroom should be kept open so that enough light and air can enter. Be careful that the bathrooms are not so wet. Regular bathing should be cleaned with floor, bathtub and pan cleaner. To be free from the detergent of garbage, clean up every day. The kitchen room with floor cleaner and hot water should be cleaned regularly. Children’s toys, various shops, shoes, fans, AC’s chandeliers, etc. may cause allergic dust. So these should be cleaned regularly. If there are animals in the house, bathing will be done daily. The place where animals are in place will be cleaned every day. Of course, after eating, the leftover food must be dropped. Every morning it is better to have regular baths and clean the place. 
  Everyone should have an allergy test to determine who is responsible for allergies. Fungal allergies are either someone else’s diet. A common concept in our society, eating astigmatism, beef, shrimp, Boal Fish, Gazer Fish etc should be excluded. That’s not right. Usually, 98 percent of the patients do not have allergies in beef meat Therefore, beef and shrimp cannot be eaten if it is asthma, it is not right. Allergy is a preventable disease. If allergic reactions are found to be related to food or medicines, then the food must be avoided. Above all, evaluate the exact causes of allergies and avoid it.

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