The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Do we know all over the world? Standing in the twenty-first century would seem ridiculous. But the funny thing is, actually many things in this world are unknown to us. Especially in the modern world there is much privacy that one person can not know, even if he wants, there are many places which are banned for ordinary people. Most unreal places on earth. This feature of our world’s 10th most secret place, where a common man’s entrance is just a fantasy dream!

                                                                     (Eaglehawk nack)Tasmania

(Eaglehawk nack)Tasmania :- Another world of nature is the Eaglehawk Nek in Tasmania. It is located in Tasmania, Australia. Eaglehawk Nike is a naturally created land or road (Isthmus) which combines two separate areas. These islands are the Tasmania peninsula and Tasmania. The isthmus is 400 meters long and the largest shrinking place is 30 meters wide. Locally known as “good”. The significance of eaglehawk nicely from both aspects of the subtle and historical figures. The exiles of the Britishers used eaglehawk goodbye to escape from Port Arthur prison. So in order to stop this escape, in 1830, there were some horrific dogs there in the British, and it is known in history as a famous dog line. Many prisoners tried to run away with this good.

For the geographical environments of Egglahak Nike more famous and popular. Like the farming, you see in the film, which is a natural form of tessellated pavement (rare earth caused by rubbing).

Champagne lake

  (Champagne lake) :- It is not a lake full of fineness. It can be said to be a global creation of nature. This lake is located in New Zealand’s Wai-O-Tapu te. The Wai-O-Tapu place is located in Rotorua (Rotorua). Translation from Maurya language is known to be Wai-O-Tapu, meaning holy or coloured water, and Ruturuya means the great lake of kahomatamomoe, which was the lord of Marri who discovered this region. The area is much more complete in many natural features. The rotunda region is very active in volcanic eruptions, water and vapour, and many other strange natural features. Made and complete The same colour as the orange-coloured shelf in the picture is seen as the graphite’s reservoir and the gas that is bumping on the shape of a champion is carbon dioxide.

(killer lake) Cameroon

(killer lake) Cameroon: – Nature has given our planet some amazing things, just like it has some terrible places. And one such place is the lake or the killer lake. It is located in Cameroon. Its real name is Nyos, but locally known as the Killer lake. It is located in a dead volcano. Although it is full of gains, it is deep water, and it slowly flows through the carbon dioxide. This part of the mountain belongs to the Oak Mountains, which is located in the northwestern part of Cameroon. It is known as the lake of death because, in 1986, a vast bubble of carbon dioxide was released which mixed with sulfur and hydrogen in the atmosphere. The extent of its spread was about 23 kilometres from the centre. In the two hours, about 1700 people and 3500 cattle were killed in the two hours due to this poisonous gas. Those who had survived were also suffering from long-term painful side effects such as burns, tissue burns and respiratory disorders.

(The white desert) Egypt

(The white desert) Egypt:- When I saw it was unrealistic. Because how the desert is white? But when I could go about the white desert, there was no longer any limits. It is known from the history of this dessert that the Sahara Desert was submerged before the historic era, the Kharima remained in a part of it when it was submerged. When this place came on top of the sea, when the place came on the sea level, then this beautiful desert, beautiful in the Sahara Desert of the Jamataka Khiri. This discovery of the Farafra oasis of Egypt is, therefore, a wonderful creation of nature. It is located 45 kilometres north of the Farafra region. There are also Black Desserts and Crystal Mountain.


(pamukkale) Turkey

(pamukkale) Turkey:– This snowfall is not actually ice, but crystalline calcium has been created. Pamukkale (Pamukkale) means the cotton can be translated by translating it from the Turkish language. From the year of Hajj, the sorrows of Parjanta have been appealing to the people. It is known from history. The Pamukkale was created almost 1000 years ago. A powerful earthquake was organized in Durgul Anhal of Taurus 1000 years ago.

This resulted in the formation of a crack in the ground and the calcium enrichment water flows through the shores. After this period, this calcium-rich stream of water is produced by stepping in the footsteps of Anand’s beautiful white Jharna hills. Many people take bath in this water and feel happy about themselves. Later, the Romans established the city on this hill, named Hierapolis


(Door to Hell) Turkmenistan

(Door to Hell) Turkmenistan: – Do not say the door to hell or the door to hell, but the name is really awesome. And to see this terrible place, you have to go to Turkmenistan. In the history of this horrible place located near the village of Darwaja in Kara-kum desert in Turkmenistan, it is seen that in 1971, the then Sawiyat Uni T companies of the Soviet Union started excavation work in search of gas fields. The same thing happened in our Maghurrs or Tengratilah. Huge explosion The gas field is closed. And he left a huge hole filled with fire. Methane gas is constantly being released from this hole and fire from it. The heat of this fire is such that it can not stand beyond two minutes. From its name it is called the door of hell.


(Socotra Island) Yemen

(Socotra Island) Yemen:– Another strange story of nature is the Sukatra Island. It must be seen in Yemen. This isolated island is still unknown to humans. However, the island is attractive as much as it is interesting, as islands of this island are attractive. The trees of this island, 120 kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide, distinguish this island from other parts of the world. Here are all shaped plants that are really strange to see. The Dragon’s Blood Tree is the nesting of these weirdest trees. Rubber is made with the juice of this tree just like the umbrella. Another tree is named desert rose or rosary in the desert. But it has another popular name, it is locally called elephant foot tree. The reason for this is its shape. There are about 700 species of trees on this island, which are very rare. The climate of this island is hot and dry. This island was included in the 2008 World Heritage Site.

Racetrack playa

(Racetrack playa):– This place is known to those who live in California, the United States of America. The mysterious place of the Stratrack Playa is located in the Valley of Death of California. This is the most surprising because I could not find the mystery of this place to the United States. This place is called the world’s mostly flat land. His most strange and mysterious thing is its floating stone. Surely you can see the floating stones in the picture. The interesting thing is that nobody has a document or video about how these stones have flown up. I did not get anywhere in the nets. The reason for this voyage is called air flow. During the winter when there is heavy rainfall in the desert, the racetrack playa is very slippery. Then, due to strong wind flow, the stones move from one place to another.

(Don Juan Pond) Antarctica

(Don Juan Pond) Antarctica:- Which is the world’s most saline lake? Surely dead sea But not The world’s most saline lake is called Don Juan Lake. It is located in Antarctica. The density of the salinity of this lake is so high that in Antarctica when the temperature is below 30 degrees, its water does not get ice. 40% of the salinity of this lake’s water is 18 times more than the ocean’s water. Where the dead sea lagoons are 8 times more lacquer than sea water. This lake has been named after two pilots who discovered it in 1981.


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