Flat Tummy Tips: 15 Steps to a get flat tummy in 7 days

Many people have no end to worry about stomach fat. Extra fat or fat in the stomach is much more harmful to our health. And so every day we do not do much to reduce the fat. It is very hard to follow the rules, exercises, diet and more. There are many people whose figure, body fitness is good. But the stomach is frozen, so it looks bad to see whether wearing saris or shirts. Flat Tummy Tips: 15 Steps to a get flat tummy in 7 days. They do not even worry about reducing the fat. But tell how long it’s like, but in just 1 week, it is possible to reduce this excess fat. Only a few simple steps can be reduced within a week by taking a few simple steps. So let’s look at the methods –

1. The food will be chewed:

You will have to eat well during any meal. By doing this the food will be well digested, those who eat very fast, the tendency to fatten foods can be noticed more. Because when we eat food and fill our stomach, the stomach sends a signal to the brain. And if we eat in a hurry, the stomach is delayed to send the signal to the brain, because the food takes time to digest the stomach. So we quickly get hungry again and we ate more than needed, which is one of the reasons for fast-growing. So, while eating, you will have to eat well in time. The food will be digested well and we do not need much work if we do not work hard before our time. And with him, the excess gas will not be stored in the stomach.

2. Salt will be moderate:

The easiest way to reduce fat-free removal is to remove the excess salt addiction to food. This is because the body fat is sodium Helps Many people eat salty salt during the meal, which is not good for the body. In this case, you can use sea salt. And the salt that is used during cooking is just enough, if there is less salt in the cooking then there is not a problem. But salt can be avoided as much as possible, so much better for the body.

3. Do not say to sugar:

We know that sugar works very fast to increase fat in the body. So tea, sugar or sugar syrup cannot be eaten on tea. Eating sugar will stop as much as possible. Because of this glucagon hormone will emit. This hormone helps in reducing excess fat and fat. Any kind of sweet or sweet any food, soft drinks and oils should be kept away from fried snacks or fried snacks. Because these foods accumulate fat in your body parts, especially stomach and thighs. So instead of eating these foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.

04. Exercise every day:

Every day, it is necessary for some time to sweat from the body. If possible, an exercise in a gym or exercise can be done at home. If it is not possible then you should walk 25 to 30 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. Exercise plays a very effective role in reducing fat. Because exercise causes sweat from our body. Through this sweat, the excess calories of the body are burnt down. And so try to exercise a little while every day.

05. Lunch with lunch and dinner at dinner:

Practice eating light meals in the middle of the day between lunch and dinner. It may seem that overeating more fat leads to the stomach. But many do not know that playing a little after some time is full of stomach and weight and decrease in weight and decrease. So during the middle of the lunch and dinner, one of the high protein foods and Vitamin ‘C’ rich snack food will be eaten. However, if there is a low amount of calories in them, then be careful. And according to the rules should be eaten after every four to four hours. The amount of sugar in the blood remains fixed and the food is not eaten enough so it does not get fat in the stomach.

06. Food Routine:

According to the rules of our country, there are light meals at breakfast and heavy food at night and at night. But it is completely wrong and vice versa. In the words, “Eat in the morning like a king, like a person in the afternoon and like a beggar in the night”. So morning breakfast needs to be heavy. The reason is that our morning meal ties all day body energy and keeps us healthy. On the other hand, lunch should be relatively light since morning. Due to work, all day calories decrease. Lastly, the dinner needs to be light. Because usually after dinner, almost everyone is asleep after which the food is stored in the stomach. Calories are not too dry. Because of which the fat in the body. So at least 30 minutes should be done at night after dinner. The food will be well digested.

07. Sleep control:

There is no adequate sleeping option if you want to keep your health healthy. But it is better to not sleep during the day. Due to this, the body fat becomes fat. Without sleep, you will not just sleep in the bed. If you feel tired, then a 20-minute beauty slip can be taken. If sleep is better during the night, the body fat is low and fatigue helps to freeze fat. So it should be enough sleeping

8. Eating spicy food:

Excess spices should not be used in cooking food. But there are some spices that help reduce fat, like magic. Use cinnamon, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and peppercorn while cooking. These spices help to freeze fat from the body. And these spices will reduce the amount of sugar and sugar in your blood and help reduce stomach and body fat.

9. Drink plenty of water:

Due to drinking plenty of water daily, it increases the metabolism of your body and exposes the harmful ingredients in the blood with urine. And because of the increase in metabolism, fat can not accumulate in the body and excess fat and body fall out.

10. Becoming active in the work:

Most of the work of the office is sitting nowadays, there is no chance of the body being able to move, so try to go to an earlier bus stop and walk to the rest of the road. Try not to go to nearby destination rickshaw Get up on the stairs without using the elevator. This will make the body very active. So you will not get the chance to get fat.

11. Eat fruits, vegetables and salad every day:

Try to eat a bowl of fruit and vegetables every morning and evening. And salad food bowl filled with food at every meal. As a result, your body will receive more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. And these will reduce the fat of your belly by increasing your body’s metabolism.

12. Do not take extra stress:

Do not burden any kind of stress. Try to take less stress than you can. Due to the stress of your body, many problems can be created due to this. Because of this, the body’s digestive system decreases and excess fat begins to grow in the body.

13. Stay away from fatty meat:

Try avoiding as much as possible to eat extra fat meat. Red meat consumption must be eliminated. Chicken meat should be cooked during cooking while cooking chicken skin is mainly due to the fat. Instead of red mixing, you can choose chicken cooked in small quantities.

14. Three koa garlic to eat every day:

Eat three or four Koya garlic in an empty stomach every morning, or swallow with water, then drink it immediately after lemon juice. Doing this will work twice to speed up your fat stomach. It also makes the body’s blood flow easier.

15. Drink lemon juice:

Take half a lemon juice chip in a glass of light warm water every morning, mix it with a pinch of salt. Do not give sugar but give it. If you want honey can mix. Honey has played an effective role in reducing fat. Now drink this drink every morning. This is the best way to reduce excess fat and fat in your body.

If you follow the above method you can get a nice and interesting figure in just one week. So do not be worried and start today from day to day procedures and free from body fat.


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