Home remedies for allergies: Relieve Allergy Symptom

What is Allergy? Why is an allergy?


Our body always tries to prevent the disease through the prevention of harmful substances (parasites, fungus, viruses, and bacteria). This effort is called a disease prevention process or the immune system. But sometimes our body is trying to resist many kinds of harmful substances that are not harmful. Home remedies for allergies. Allergic reactions to this body are generally not known to be harmful. Allergy is a universal widely used word. But this is the correct idea about allergies but many of us do not have. Breathing is the cause of many dermatitis, including epilepsy, allergies. So it is very important to keep our ideas about allergies. Anything that is generally considered harmless, then it is called an allergic reaction. Allergens, or antigens, which produce allergies, and these products are called antibodies. The reaction that occurs when antigens and antibodies meet together is called the antigen-antibody. There is a deep connection of allergen with happens. Flowers pollen, disinfected lollipop, smoke, raw colour smell, whitening, cell dust, old file dust allergic reaction in the body creates hapani disorders. So those who are suffering from Hapani have to abandon them. Fungus creates allergic reactions in the body. The fungus is a very simple plant. Only 20cm Gray to 32cm Gray: This fungus is born in the wet matter. Again, some food is contaminated by fungi. Pineapple is made by mixing fungi. East National Fungus is also used to make some bread and cakes. Dried with potatoes, onions and fungi. This is one of the main causes of fungi and allergic rhinitis.

House dust is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions. There is a small organism in the house dust that is commonly known as ‘mite’. In one search, it is found that in nearly sixty per cent of cases, this ‘mite’ is responsible for allergies. For those who suffer from allergic problems, they always avoid dust from the house. Especially when the house is a broom, then you have to move away from it. The dirty dust in the room’s shelves, curtains, dresses, pillows, etc. should be removed during cleaning time. Home remedies for allergies. There is a lot of allergic reactions in food such as milk allergies, especially in children, in cow’s milk, too much is seen to be allergic. In cow’s milk, especially in children, itching can be seen from itching, hapani etc. Besides, allergies, eggs, fish are seen to be allergic to wheat. Almonds, bananas, apples, grapes, frogs, watermelons, onions, garlic, chocolate, and even cold drinks cause allergies to some individuals. It may be seen that insect bites, spleen, and even Hapani. Allergic reactions to mosquitoes, beetles, bees, bees, venom, etc. are allergic. Apart from the rosary and feathery animals, such as cats, dogs, horses, livestock, etc. are often responsible for the creation of allergy. There is also a skin disease called Artikoria, some people in Bengal are called hives. In this case, the wheel is a wheel on the skin. And the swelling is seen in the throats. This is also one of the allergic reactions. Most people have seen this disease at some time in their life. Home remedies for allergies. This particular body may be restricted to any part of the body or all of the body may spread. The red-wheeled wheel of different sizes can be seen to be a blister and it also contains severe itching. There are many reasons that food can be allergic to allergies. Such as nuts, pulses, meat, eggs etc. Apart from this, allergic reactions can also be caused by an insect such as a beetle, bee, similar, spider bites etc. These allergies can occur. There may also be allergic medicines. Many medicines are responsible for the formation of allergies. Among them, penicillin and aspirin are one of them.

For the treatment of fever, pain on the head, headache, patch, abscess etc., we eat these medicines without the prescription of the doctor. But it should be remembered that allergic-induced itching can be due to it. Even penicillin may cause death due to its use. There are also many other medicines which can cause allergic reactions. So no medicines should be eaten without the doctor’s advice. Home remedies for allergies. We vaccinate children. It is important to remember that some vaccines or vaccines have been shown to be allergic to individuals. So, if your child is seen to have allergic itching or cold-related problems, then vaccinations should be taken to the doctor. Total allergy is a preventable disease. If you are allergic, you will notice that what food is your allergy? If the relationship is found with food, then the food must be avoided. That’s the reason… You should avoid the reasons why you have allergies.

Home remedies for allergies

Allergy is not a new problem. Due to allergies, there are many favourite foods to be excluded from the diet. And there is aching of itching. But if you want, you can easily respond to allergies in a domestic way. Let’s know, let’s go.

Neem leaf

Soak 1 kg of neem leaves and dry them in the sun. Grate the dried neem leaves in the granule and fill it with a good bowl. Apart from this, it will take more. One-third of a teaspoon of neem leaves and one teaspoon of mustard in a glass of water for half an hour. Roll well with half an hour after the spoon. Eat every morning in the stomach, full stomach at lunch and before bedtime. Must eat for 21 days continuously. Effectiveness can take a month to begin. And after that, you can eat whatever you can not eat for allergies.


Lemon contains plenty of Vitamin C which removes any itchiness very easily. Especially lemon volatile oil helps in the removal of any kind of itching of the body. Cut the lemon into pieces and you will see itching in the place of the itching for some time.

Petroleum jelly

If the skin is very fragile then you can easily use petroleum jelly. Because there is no reverse reaction and there is no poisonous substance in this jelly that will harm your skin. So you can use petroleum jelly if it gets an itch in any part of the body.

A lovers

Aloe vera has plenty of moisturizing power. It is very beneficial for the skin. Take a piece of aloe vera gel in the body, itching on any place. It easily gets itchy.

Tulsi leaves

Camphor-rich Tulsi leaves help to prevent burning and irritation of any type of skin irritation. Wash with some basil leaves. Then, where the itching is done, the leaves rub it for a while. Or boil some weeds with boiled water and fry it in the itch region.


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