How To Build Traps – 5 Exercises To Build Big Traps

 I want to tackle with you guys how did the vellum monster traps, huge traps, Massive traps. Here I’m going to show you how to build big traps here tech you how to build traps. This ismy five favorite exercises for developing full ridiculous-looking traps first exercise.
we’re going to do is a shoulder shrug, which I’m sure you’ve all done before the way I do it. I’m going to tell you how to do it a little bit different make sure you’re doing it correctly proper form and really target those traps you.
I’m giving you best five trap exercises that you have never done or likely never done depending upon your training experience and the thing. we want to clarify first and foremost. When it comes to the traps are it’s not just the upper traps the things that sort of connect your ears to your shoulders.
We have to if we’re going to be balanced here remember the importance of the lower traps. I’m gonna hit both areas today with these six vellum monster traps exercise.

Exercise 1

Kneeling Dumbbell Shrug


Dumbbell shrugs really only work the superior section of the trapezius. which is the muscle that when developed gives the shoulders over rounded look up to the neck. We’re taking the lower body out of this exercise a lot of times when people do standing shrugs either with a dumbbell or a barbell. They allow way too much momentum from the lower body and they’re basically catching the weight at the top.

Kneeling Dumbbell Shrug

How to do dumbbell shrug first step remain with your feett shoulder-width apart, knees soft and a appropriate upright function with a dumbbell in every hand.


Engage your core to stabilise your again and forestall you leaning ahead when lifting. Keep your arms via your facets and your arms straight as you shrug your shoulders as excessive as you can. You might find that with this exercising it is better to breath in with the effort.


With your shoulders high, hold this position for a second earlier than lower the weights lower back down with control, allowing your shoulders to drop down under their regular resting position.


Exercise 2

Cable Overhead Trap Raises


Let’s stay down in that kneeling position for the second exercise that called cable overhead trap raises. I mentioned it in the open the lower traps are incredibly important. if you want to shoulder balance and really long-term health of your shoulders and what we could do. Here is with two cables set down low reach across and grab the right cable with the left hand and the left cable with the right hand.

Cable Overhead Trap Raises

And now in that same kneeling position. You’re just going to try to do what we call here a trap raise and overhead trap raise. Now we can do this standing with a plate but again, we’re using the same concept of eliminating some of that lower body momentum by getting down to our knees.

And we’re gonna lift straight up overhead Try this and at least mix it in. if you’re gonna be doing your upper trap exercises make sure you’re mixing in at least one for one the lower trap exercises to this next exercise is one I broke out in our complete back workout.


Exercise 3

Twisting Trap Shrugs


it’s our twisting trap shrug and here the key is the position of our body in relation to the cable machine. We’re going for here is we’re allowing the muscle to be aligned in a way that puts it on the maximum stretch. When we contract it allows us to follow the fibers I say that all the time and the trap fibers. We know to come down and out away from the back of our heads and down towards the outside of our shoulders.

So if we align ourselves this way and we contract from here you can see that. we’re actually contracting along that direction of the fibers but we know that the traps are capable of retracting the shoulder blades as well.


So we don’t just end it with that shrug we then twist and pull back into a retraction so again every single rep here is getting the benefit of following the fibers on the initial shrug and then with that quick twist and pull we’re getting that powerful retraction as well it’s a great exercise combo and again something if you haven’t tried it already.


Exercise 4

Dumbbell Upright Row


We know that whenever we do a one-arm row depending upon where our elbow is in relation to our body or how it travels on the way up. we can hit different areas of our back we can keep it nice and tight and we can hit the lats.

We can let it flare way out we get to the rear delt but we can also initiate the row with a different muscle and that is exactly what we’re doing here. You can see that every single one of these rows is initiated the first movement is initiated by the traps.


we’re shrugging first and then rowing maintaining the shrug throughout the row every single time. you’ve probably never felt before start mixing in this exercise when you’re doing all your other rows. Because again you have an opportunity afforded to here to not just hit those bigger muscles of your back but work your way all the way up to the top so we can start hitting these traps as well.


Exercise 5

Dumbbell Prone Press


Now we start off with the dumb prone press now again this is another one of those incredible lower trap exercises. That’s going to really really be difficult especially, if you’ve been ignoring these critical muscles all the way along here. So what you want to do is take a pair of dumbbells I’ve got fives here it’s very difficult.


And what I’m doing is I’m laying on my belly and I’m going to press the dumbbell straight up overhead as far as possibly can up overhead demanding. That the lower traps stabilized. Throughout this entire exercise and then not allow the dumbbells to touch the ground below me.


So I have to keep them raised up so we’re even working a little bit the rhomboids to be able to keep these dumbbells off the floor. And integrate them with the muscles that are right there next to them in the first place those lower traps.



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