How to Lose Belly fat in 4 Weeks: Best Diet Plan To Lose Belly

Best Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat in a month , Here you get Top and Best 8 Fat Loss Foods this food help you burn your belly fat all these foods kill belly Fat fast. How to Lose belly fat in 4 Weeks ? if you ask this question this is the best place that help you to learn How to Lose Belly fat in 4 Weeks Everyone want Fit body , this is a dream of every men, women and teenager. While exercise is very important for losing belly fat fast at home easily but along with workout you should modify your diet plan to include foods which burn belly fat and body fat to give to flat tummy/stomach/abdomen and also help you to loss body fat and weight. Here is list of 8 top execution foods which help to liquefy belly fat and make you look slim and smart. If you take all this diet foods orderly then certainly you will get flat tummy in about 4 weeks even without workout and vigorous exercise. This is one of Best Diet Plan To Lose Belly fat fastly in few weeks.
1. Every morning a glass of hot lemon, but completely without sugar. Take half a lemon chip in a glass of hot water add one pinch of salt to it. Drink this in the morning just before leaving bed and in the night before going to bed. This is the best way to reduce excess fat in your body!
2. Instead of white rice try to eat red rice, brown bread, flour bread can be selected. In this, calories will not be added to your body. Fat in the stomach will decrease slowly.
3. Avoid sugar-free foods, stay away from sweet, sweet food, cold drinks and fried snacks from oil. Because these foods accumulate fat in different parts of your body, especially on stomach and thighs. So eat the fruits rather than eating them.
4. Drink lots of water: Due to drinking plenty of water every day, it boosts your body’s metabolism and exposes you with the urine of the blood. As fat is increased due to metabolism, excess fat is dropped. Try not to drink cold water, drink some hot water.
5. How to lose belly fat in a month .Eat 2/3 koa garlic in empty stomach every morning, drink the lemon juice immediately after it. It will work as fast as possible to reduce your belly fat. Besides, it will make the body’s circulation easier.
6. Spices: Spices should not be used in cooking. But do you know some spices help to reduce your weight, like magic? Use cooking cinnamon, ginger and peppercorn. These will help to reduce your blood sugar and reduce fat stomach.
7. Lots of fruits and vegetables: Try to eat a bowl of fatty fruits and vegetables every morning and evening. In this, your body will get plenty of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. And they will reduce your fat metabolism by reducing your belly fat.
8. Stay away from meat: Avoid as much fat as possible of extra fat of fatty cattle and meat. Instead of cooking fish you can choose less oil.  
How to lose belly fat in a month. According to our another expert:
1. Reduce the fat of the stomach in a simple way ……… 1) Start the day with a glass lemon water. Try to keep the amount of lubricant as much as possible. You can mix one spoon of honey or a little salt.
2. Drink water before eating. This will reduce the demand for food. Eat plenty of water in the day. The digestion of the body increases the digestion and eliminates all the harmful things from the body.
3. You have to remove sugar and carbohydrate from the food you eat. Carbohydrate can be kept a little bit to keep the body’s energy levels. Eat less fried foods. Do not keep salt in the food. Not only salt, but all foods rich in sodium, you should stay away from it.
4. Walk by rules every day. Try to walk where you can walk on the distance. It will become your habit after a few days of tiredness a few days later. Walk for at least 30 minutes daily.
5. Do not eat fast food. Mayonnaise, cheese, sauce, oil and butter have the most important role in fat in your stomach.
6. The reason for the accumulation of fat in the stomach is foods are not properly digested. Eat dinner for at least two hours before going to bed and walk for a while. The food will be well digested. The stomach will not grow. 
7. Use the stairs instead of the elevator as much as possible in the office or home. It is a very good way to remove fat in the stomach. It causes pressure on the stomach and gradually decreasing fat 
8. If you get hungry, then eat healthy snacks. After 3/4 hours after lunch and dinner, you can eat healthy Snacks. 
9. Try it all the time to stand upright, sit and walk. Do not walk or sit on the hinges. Get up once every hour and sit straight. 
10. Eat less but 5 times rather than eating heavily 3 times. 
11. Coke or soft drinks can calm you for a while, but it is responsible for accumulating fat in your stomach. Avoid these 
12. Use cinnamon, black pepper and ginger in food because the sour diet helps to cut fat. You will be able to exercise or remain fit and will not have excess fat deposits in the stomach Another expert says about how to lose belly fat in a month:
I gave some tips for reducing fat within 15 days – try it, with sincerity, you can get benefits.
If there is more than 35.5 inches of belly size in the case of full adult males, 39.5 inches and in the case of adult women, then heart disease and diabetes can occur. Here are some of your huge stomach (west line or abdominal girth) to make you laugh at many. So you have to try to reduce your fat in the following way. Start your morning with lemon juice: It is the most useful treatment for reducing belly fat. Drink some of the lemon chips in its juice glass and drink a little amount of hot water and salt and drink it in the morning. Keeping the daily routine, your metabolism will become normal and the fat reduces.
And the main fact is-
You want to lose weight, that’s good. But within only one month? I have a question to you that have you made this fat in one month? Obviously not. But why are you seeking this solution within a month? It’s an unfair claim. Firstly remove the thought that fat should be reduced within a month. Don’t become sick while reducing fat. So gradually reducing fat by any method, it will be good for you.

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