How to loss belly fat : 10 ways to drop weight loss fast

How to loss belly fat

Losing weight is a difficult task. Especially those who increase fat once they can’t be able to lose weight after many trial. There are two types of people: one type who do exercise regularly but can’t control diet, and the other type is who control diet but don’t exercise. The both types are in the wrong way. How to loss belly fat. The main theme of losing weight is motivation. You must hold a perfect motivation in your mind. How to loss belly fatOnly one thing neither exercise nor diet control can give you a slim figure. You must be conscious about food consumption and daily exercise.

There are some major tricks about weight loss. Such as:

Food consumption: You must take fibre in your food. Oily foods increase fat so you should avoid them. You have to give up having fast food. You should take proteins but not much. A balanced protein consumption makes you full of nutrition and also lets you to lose weight. Meat or sea fish can be the source of protein.

Having tea with meal: Having tea with your meals is a good way of losing weight. The caffeine in tea helps in weight loss. Try not to use sugar in tea. Because sugar increases weight.

Drinking plenty of water: You must try to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. It will make you expense 100 more calories.

Walk at least 40 minutes a day: Walking is a great exercise. Walking lets you to lead a healthy and happy life. It helps to lose weight greatly. Try to walk at least 40 minutes a day but not slowly. Walk as fast as you can.

Taking raw fruits: You have to replace the amount of rice consumption with raw fruits like carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, papaya etc.

Cabbage: Cabbage is a good source of water. It protests sweet and glycogen to be converted into fat. You can consume it either raw or cooked.

Don’t sleep just after dinner: Wait at least 2 hours after dinner before going bed. If you sleep just after dinner, it increases body fat at a great percentage.

Never fulfil your belly: Eat whenever you are hungry. But never fulfil your stomach.

Stop watching television while eating: Try to avoid watching television while eating. Because it has been proven that man consumes 288 more calories when man watches television.

Daily diet plan: To lose weight in a proper planned way it’s very important to follow a proper diet plan at least until you gain your targeted weight. Here we have shown a quite proper designed Diet plan.

Breakfast: After waking up in the morning try to drink a juice made of squeezed lemon and honey in warm everyday. Try to keep an egg in your breakfast everyday. Reduce having heavy food.

Lunch: Leave all kinds of rich foods like fried rice or biryani or junk foods. Your lunch should be 2 cups of fresh rice, 1.5 cups of boiled vegetables, 2 pieces of chicken or meat and one cup of salad made of fresh vegetables, fruits and lemons.

Dinner: Your dinner must not be rich. It should be very light. Try to 2 small pieces of breads with vegetables. But to remain in empty stomach is very harmful.


10 ways to drop weight loss fast


Now we’re going to tell you the most effective but very easier 10 ways to lose your body weight. Follow these ways to get a better result:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night:Some people think that over sleeping increases body fat. But scientists have come to a result after research that if you remain awaken at night you may become overweighed.
  • Stop having foods for a few days:Almost in every religion there is a system of starving. Try to follow them. Just drink water and go for work. And try to drink only water rather than foods. In this system your body burns your body fat for gaining energy. But if you remain idle nothing will work.
  • Consume fish oil:Cord liver oil is very effective to lose weight. It has been proven by scientists. So try to keep this item in your daily diet. You can use cord liver capsule if you cannot manage cord liver oil.
  • Consume carbohydrates only the working day:Try to avoid carbohydrates from your diet. You can eat carbohydrates just only in the working days
  • Drink plenty of water: Water reduces fat and also removes tiredness from your body. And also refills the energy what you lose while losing weight.
  • Consume healthy oils: Peanut, almond and beans are referred as healthy oils. These foods give you strength. These also reduce your food demand.
  • Exercise for testosterone: Do exercise to increase the rate of testosterone. When the rate of testosterone reduces in male’s body then body fat increases. You must do heavy exercise do increase testosterone hormone.
  • Try to eat proteins: Don’t be sick while reducing your body fat. And to maintain this balance you have to consume proteins. It makes the muscles of your belly.
  • Jumping exercises: Try to do exercise such as jumping types. Skipping rope is the most effective exercise among all. If you can be able to do this only for 10-15 minutes a day you will be able to reduce the highest amount of body fat
  • Consume 500 calories less: At first measure the calorie of your consumption of food. And then try to leave 500 calories from your diet. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be in veins.

Here was the systematic way to lose weight in the most effective way. We have also provided you 10 ways to drop weight fast

Just follow and lead a happy and healthy life.



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