How to staying fit during pregnancy – Best Pregnancy Workouts

Mothers are not the end of pregnancy until they get pregnant. But all the mothers have enjoyed this trouble. It is often time to get the momentum to adapt to your physical changes. staying fit during pregnancy. At that time a woman has many emoticons. So a little bit upset. But to keep your pregnant baby safe, you want to keep your own body and mind good.

# 25 tips to keep body healthy and stimulate mind during pregnancy


  1. Pre-Natal Vitamin: Maybe you are planning a baby since then try to start eating Pre-Natal vitamins. Because, now you have to make sure you are taking enough nutritious meals regularly, such as Folic Acid, Calcium, and Iron, of course, start thinking of taking your baby when it comes to the head. Best of all, if you start taking the advice of a doctor. You may have nausea after eating such a medication, for it is good to eat such medicines by eating at night or light meal. After eating, you can eat chewing gum or a little bit of chocolate.


  1. Exercise: That means you are going to be a mother, but not that you will be resting throughout the day. Being very active is very important for a mother. Daily exercise will help you maintain your weight, blood circulation, keep your mind well and sleep properly. Along with, if you can make this exercise a habit, then your child will be a good example. Yoga, swimming and walking are the best exercises for you. But Yoga cannot take any seat that stomach or back pressure. Be sure to talk to the doctor before starting the exercise. It’s okay to have 30 minutes of exercise every day. However, of course, do not spare.


  1. Make a plan: You can make a plan for childbirth. When you do a plan, then the following points must be noticed.


  • Things you want to exclude


You love to work anywhere


  • What kind of clothes you want to read


  • No special songs


If you need any pain medicines (do not take any medicine without telling the doctor)


  • If any kind of problems arise, what to do


  1. Trying to know: Maybe you are not going to be the first time now, so start reading online about pregnancy, and child care. There are many articles on this topic in the Supom website that you will find useful. Apart from this, you can share your message with all the other mothers, and for the doctor’s advice, we have the call center (0962-22-333).


  1. Exclude some work: Some things in everyday work are risky for you. For example,


  • Trying to remove any heavy things


  • Look up at some kind of step (high)


  • Clean the habitat of livestock


  • Standing in one place for a long time, especially on the side of the fire


If there is a job in a cat where the catwalks then take the gloves in the hand and if the raw meat is cut, then wash your hands well.


  1. Weight history: It is a good thing that you now have a meal for two people. But, that does not mean that you eat too much food. Now if your weight increases a lot, then you may have trouble getting down again. Talk to a doctor and measure regular weight, so that you can understand whether you are counting your weight properly.


  1. Change Shoes: Now your weight has increased suddenly. This increased weight will put extra pressure on your feet. This extra weight can be a problem for you. This excess weight can inflate your feet and ankles. The best solution to get out of this problem is to make shoes that you like to read and give better support. After a lot of kids, a big shoe is needed, of course, if you also need to.


  1. Tell the doctor: As you understand this pregnancy, your first task will be to talk to a doctor. Can speak with the experience. Arrange your time in such a way that your pregnant pregnant women agree.


  1. Eat good food: When you eat food, try to get healthy and eat foods that do not increase weight.


  • Eat food for at least five times a day but eat vegetables and fruits


  • Eat more sugar foods


  • All foods that you can eat to fill the protein throughout the day – fish, meat, eggs, nuts, milk and dairy foods

You do not need to take any extra calories in the first six months of pregnancy. But in the last three months, you will need to increase the calorie intake of food every day. Consult with a nutritionist (nutritionist).


  1. Avoid Risky Foods: Avoid eating fast food and ready-made/frozen foods during pregnancy. This type of food contains many types of chemical elements including test makers, preservative, flavours, which are safe and yet there is no reason to argue with it. So it’s good to be careful so be careful. Do not eat untreated milk (which directly goes from the farm). And eat whatever fish you eat and cook it well and cook it. Whether you have diabetes or not, sugar is always harmful. It increases the weight on one side and indirectly causes problems in pregnancy, whereas, on the other hand, your breeding power is directly weakened. So keep yourself away from sugar-free foods. Maybe you think that sweet will quit eating? Nah! We did not forbid eating mastic foods, just said to exclude sugar. In this case, use sugar alternative Zero Cal. It is safe for health.


  1. Smoking cessation: smoking increases by all trends in miscarriage, childhood before childhood, and reduced child’s weight. If you have a habit of smoking but have a plan to take a baby, then close it now.


  1. Take a break: If you do not sleep at night, then try to sleep a bit at any time of the day. Take regular rest, even with sleep (like staying in bed for a while or resting)


  1. Back pain: It is normal to have back pain during pregnancy. This back pain can cause complications during delivery. So do not neglect to talk to your doctor.


  1. Preferred Doctor: It is important for you to believe in the doctor. And you can trust your favourite people. Now the challenge is to find the doctor of choice. For this, you create a list of veterinarian doctors with references from friends or relatives. And talk to doctors who are close to you. The doctor who thinks you are most comfortable talking to him will be good for you. However, when choosing a doctor, whether he can go to your preferred hospital, or his appointment schedule matches with you, etc.


  1. Diabetes: Unintended abnormalities due to uncontrolled diabetes can lead to premature pregnancy or physical disability. If you already have diabetes, before pregnancy, you have to be brought under the control of diabetes. Follow the doctor’s follow-up during pregnancy.


Or if you are suffering from pregnancy diabetes, then read our article –

To avoid complications, follow these five steps to regulate pregnancy diabetes.


  1. Online shopping: If your delivery is expired, and if you have a few weeks left then you can make some anonymity at this time. For example, some clothes, dipper and the other for the child. Since you do not have the possibility of going shopping yourself now, you can take advantage of online.


  1. Listen to the song: During pregnancy, your work will keep you calm all the time, your little tension may be the cause of disaster for you. If your song is a lot of fun, then you can play a list of those songs that are very popular. Listen to music when it’s time, it will help keep you relieved.


  1. Reading the book: There are some books that you are good at reading long ago, right now you have to read those books again and again. Of course, you will get a different taste. Because, with time, people’s views, views are changed. Now you have a lot of free time, you can use the good books to read.


  1. Renovate the house: A new guest is coming to the house. If you wish, you can decorate your house again. If you are going to be a mother for the first time, kids do not have any toys at home, they can buy them and keep them in place of your convenience. Keep children’s pictures on the wall. But doing these things yourself will be the best way to get your husband or family to someone else.


  1. Keeping the child think you are going to be a mother for the first time and have not had more days of pregnancy. The best plan of this time will be to give time with other children, if necessary, for some time to nurture them. You can then be prepared mentally how your child can be, what kind of naughty he can do.


  1. Riding: The first three months of pregnancy and the last three months are risky. So it is better to avoid longer journals at this time. However, you do not have to stop visiting somewhere. Besides, the husband and wife can also visit the movie. If you want to go somewhere away, choose the sky or the railway.


  1. Sports Closure: If you are a sporty friendly girl, then definitely avoid any kind of sport at this time. However, you can see your favorite games. To keep your mind alive.


  1. Pictures and videos: If you want you can keep your mother memorable. If you have a good camera, then take a picture. After the baby grew up, two people could sit together. Just look at the pictures of your little sister just like you think.


24 New clothes: Who does not like new clothes? You can create some new colours at this time. During pregnancy, your familiar dresses will not be as good as reading. Because the structure of your body is changing. At this time you can buy some loosely dresses. That will keep your mind cheerful.


  1. Child planning: The interest of the family is not the end of the child’s son or the girl. Maybe your partner hopes there will be a girl sitting there. Make him grow up like a mind. And you think that if you have a boy


Plan during pregnancy What to do if a boy and what to do if a girl. Fix his name, where will you go with the baby, and if you do, then these plans will keep you happy. And the last of the most important advice- pray regularly. Regular prayer will create a kind of energy and a relieved feeling in your mind. That’s all you need to do to safe motherhood.


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