Top 11 Tips for People Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Can Help Control Your Diabetes

What to do if you have diabetes ,follow this Top 11 Tips for People Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Can Help Control Your Diabetes. Diabetes is increasing but also preventable diseases. Even the importance of starting condition of diabetes is still increasing nowadays.


In the United States 25% of people have pre-diabetes. This situation looks quite well in the country also where blood sugar is more than normal but has not reached to get diabetes. If this happens, then in 10 years, it is completely diabetes.

Only 4 percent of the people are aware of this. But the problem is that even half of the people who are worried about their weight do not try to reduce the risk by eating less or exercising more. There are some good practices, which can be used to prevent pre-diabetes, it can be removed, big problems, life-threatening medicines and blood sugar can be avoided.


Heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other major health risks can also be avoided. So what is the harm in the strategy? Food, vitamins, shrubs, even the attitude of the mind is not a small tool to resist it.


The main objectives are:

1.Check what your weight is:

Do we know that losing 10 pounds of weight can reduce risk. Even if very obese people lose only 5 percent of their body weight, even if he doesn’t exercise, he can reduce 75 percent of risk of diabetes. Low calorie can do this magic.


2.Want a proper appetite extension:

Vegetables, salad is good. Before eating carbohydrate, blood sugar will be in control in the stomach by eating green leafy vegetables, salad. In the study of Arizona state university it is seen that if type 2 diabetes patients take 2 tablespoons of vinegar, their sugar in their blood can be reduced.


Main researcher Carole Johnson said that the acetic acid of vinegar inhibits the enzymes which accumulate the carbohydrates. This effect of vinegar on blood sugar works just like the medicine Acorbos(Prikoze).


Before eating rice and meats you can consume one plate of vegetables and salad, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of tishi oil, one kua garlic, one-fourth tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons of curd, salt, pepper and lettuce.


3.Walk as much as possible:

Walk as much as possible

A study in the Phineasis it is seen that those who have walked about 35 minutes a day or 4 hours a week, they have reduced about 80% of the risk of diabetes. Study has shown that exercise increases insulin receptor in body cell. In this, the body can use the hormones more effectively. Insulin helps in blood sugar to penetrate into cells, body gets more energy and nutrition by burning glucose. So, go less on the transportation, walk much.


4.Accept proper grains:

It is easy to be slim if you choose the right crop. Blood sugar is also in control. It lowers the rate of breast cancer, lower type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. High fibre grains are good. Like barley, corn is pretty good. Avoiding foods in which wheat, flour, red rice, sugar are hidden like Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Molasses and Sugar.


5.Drinking coffee:

Coffee Can Help You Burn Belly Fat

The Harvard School of Public Health study found that, 3-4 copies of coffee risk of 29-54% risk of diabetes. Caffeine like tea and chocolates work better. Caffeine boosts the digestion. The big source of caffeine is coffee also contains more potassium, magnesium and anti-oxidants, glucose absorption aids.


6.Fast food is no more:

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have been studying for 15 years researching on 3000 people of 18-30 years, have found that the risk of diabetes are at a great number of those who consume fast food. Many fast foods have more risk of unhealthy trans fat and sugar.


7.Eat regular leafy vegetables:

Eat meat, chicken as less as you can. Rather eat regular coloured vegetables and fish.


8.Eat spicy foods:

Cinnamon has a great effect on blood sugar. German researchers found that, 1 gram cinnamon powder capsules reduces blood sugar by 10 percent. Cinnamon contains ingredients that enable enzyme stimulating insulin receptors. This sweet spice reduces cholesterol and fat.


9.Relax every day:

In pressure your body is active. The body is excited. Heart rate is fast. Breath is fast. Blood Sugar also gets topped. A little relaxation strategy and other stress-fighting strategies can control blood sugar. For example:

  1. Start the day with yoga, meditation, with walking.
  2. Before answering the phone, Before starting the car, before giving the kids lunch, before starting any work take three deep slow breathing.
  3. On the off day visit any place with your family.

10.Sleep good at night:

A study by Yale University found that those who sleep less than 6 hours of regularly have a risk of diabetes, compared to those who are 8 hours sleeping. The nervous system is very sensitive to less sleeping or too much sleep (for slip apply), in which blood sugar regulatory hormone is disrupted. Tea-coffee, chocolate should not be taken from the afternoon for better sleep. Do not watch late night TV. Sleep with keeping mobile off.


11.Stay with your partner, stay with friends and friends:

Women who live alone, compared to women with families has possibilities of diabetes more than two and a half times.


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