What To Eat To Reduce Belly Fat – Best Food that Kills Your Belly Fat

Fighting with fat is a great struggle and very difficult to win. Here we discuss Best Food that Kills Your Belly Fat.Here in South Asia in the Indian continental, we become fat day by day because of our everyday lifestyle. We take our dinner and just at that time we go to bed. So, all food fats remain in our body and can’t be burnt. What to eat to reduce belly fat. We generally think that to be slim we should be starving. If we remain in the empty stomach, our health will be sick. Do you know that there are some foods what you need to reduce belly fat? In this article, I will tell you about 10 foods which will help you to reduce belly fat.

Here is what to eat to reduce belly fat:

1. Water: Water is often the ultimate answer to many Acute diseases. Drinking plenty of water makes your body free from toxins and fulfills your hunger keep you away from foods. Thus it can reduce belly fat. And it is never said anywhere that drinking water is harmful to health.


2. Cucumber: cucumber is a great food which helps you to cool down and make your body very much slim. Eating 2 cucumbers every day with the balanced diet will make you slim within one month. No need for exercise. It contains 96% Water content and only 45 calories.

3. Eggs: Egg is the most common food and a great source of protein all over the world. Some people think that an egg is responsible for getting fat. It is wrong. Only one egg can meet the daily needs of protein. This protein is necessary to make you slim.

What To Eat To Reduce Belly Fat

4. Fish: Fish is full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids which are extremely needed for weight loss. Salmon, tuna, prawn are very effective.

5. Apple: there is a proverb, “An Apple a Day keeps a doctor away”. Apple are full of fiber there is really very less fat is apples. So apples not only keeps you away from the doctor but also helps you to burn belly fat. It is much better to consume an apple rather than snacks at midday.

6. Watermelon: It also contains fiber and full of a lot of water. Not only does it contain 82 percent water but also helps in removing excess sodium from the body. Sodium contributes to a bloating stomach and watermelon helps get rid of that.

7. Green leafy vegetables: Fibre is very much needed element to burn belly fat. Vegetables are full of fiber, minerals, vitamin and many other important nutrients for our body. I every meal your plate should be full of vegetables.

8. Beans: Beans also contain fibre, they are full of energy, protein, vitamin B and many other important nutrients. They keep your body healthy and happy and also helps to reduce belly fat.


9. Almonds: It is full of vitamin E, fibre and protein. Consuming almonds avoids your hunger and there is not noticeable fat in Almonds. Many people consumes almonds every day for getting slim and healthy.


10. Peppermint: Peppermint is considered to be great for removing belly fat as it has healing and calming digestive properties which work in the favour of our body. The best way to consume it is in the ]form of tea. You can also add one drop of peppermint oil in your water and consume it.


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